About this guide


This set of tools and guides are developed in order to help you design a tangible smart product.

Depending on your needs and the level of development of your concept you can decide where you will start.

Use the “Tangible Smart Product Design Guide” to bring your design to a higher level and as a checklist to see if you have explored the most important factors that influence your design. De guidelines offered are mainly based on the principles of Design Thinking and, in this tool, focussed on the market and the context in which the product will be used.

Once the concept is complete enough and well defined, you can use the Tech Selector to choose the right components to make a prototype.

The selector will help you to cover all the needed components of a smart product but can also be inspiring since you will discover solutions that you maybe not thought about.

Once you have tested your prototype (and maybe changed some components), “Production”, transforms your configuration to a product architecture that is ready for a small production.

Later the list of demands, part of your design brief, will be used as a filter to make sure that the components will meet to the requirements.

More info about design thinking