Product positioning

Product positioning

A smart product must be positioned.

In the event that there are not many similar products yet, it is interesting to look at what the type of product can be compared with. How does the product relate to other products that occur in the user context?

If there are already similar products, it must be considered that the product is subdued by the others.

There are 3 different forms of positioning:

Functional: the product solves problems and offers advantages (efficacity, transport, better health, financial advantages) for the user.

Experience: through stimulation both sensory and cognitive the user gets a nice feeling experienced by using this user experience is becoming increasingly important and plays a major role in the valuation of a product

Symbolically: the product ensures that the user can identify with others and belong to something. This gives confidence and a better self-image.

By choosing the right positioning it is more likely that the product will be accepted by the market.