Stakeholder mapping

There is a difference between the business stakeholders and the end user stakeholders.

In this tool we focus on the last group.


The end-user stakeholders are the people who have to deal directly and indirectly with the use of the smart product.

Those persons include those who have purchased the product, but also those who need to maintain, replace components, reprogram, transport, sell and clean it.


To ensure that the product meets the most important needs, is it important to know who will use your products and in what way?

When do they use it and what kind of characteristics will those specific users of the product require?


By charting these needs in time, this can be applied at an early stage of the design and the chance is greater that the product will later be immediately accepted and used effectively.


By carrying out a thorough end-user stakeholder analysis, the design letter becomes more complete and the product qualitatively better.

By communicating with your stakeholders early and often, you can ensure that they fully grasp what you’re doing and understand the benefits of your project. This means that they can more actively support you when necessary.