What is a smart product?

This tool has been developed to support designers while develop a smart product. But what is the definition of a smart product?

You can find many interpretations on the web and this one from Wikipedia covers a lot:

“Smart products are specializations of hybrid products with physical realizations of product categories

and digital product descriptions that provide the following characteristics:

  • Situated: recognition and processing of situational and community contexts
  • Personalized: tailoring to buyer’s and consumer’s needs and ­­affects
  • Adaptive: change according to buyer’s and consumer’s responses and tasks
  • Pro-active: attempt to anticipate buyer’s and consumer’s plans and intentions
  • Business aware: considering business and legal constraints
  • Location aware: considering functional performing and restricted location choice
  • Network capable: ability to communicate and bundle
  • (product bundling) with another product (business) or product sets”

The ProMoW-project tries to make products more efficient and interactive by connecting them and integrating sensors.

This can offer added value for the user and the context in which it is used.

Health and safety are important drivers.